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BIG UPDATE: Secured by 'https'. Mobile friendly. Accounts with email + password.
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Data Update Frequency

Following table summarizes, how often are different parts of Coinparator website updated.

 update frequencydata deleted
[server only] exchange API*real timeolder than 5 seconds
[server only] server rate*5 secondsolder than 5 seconds
[public] current rates5 minutesolder than 5 minutes
[public] current rates chart30 minutesolder than 24 hours
[public] portfolio coin chart30 minutesolder than 24 hours
[public] portfolio history chart24 hoursnever
[public] news articles5 minuteslast 150 articles kept

* real time data are available for public at live BTC/USD stream.

Donations to Coinparator

Donations are welcome. However are not required by any means. You can use this website completely for free.

All received funds will be used for Coinparator server hosting/database hosting/domain registration/marketing & propagation/legal fees only. Developer will never use donations for their own benefit.

(BTC) Bitcoin:


(LTC) Litecoin:


(ETH) Ethereum:


If you donated, please send me email, so I can thank you.

Source of Current Rates

There isn't one universal rate for every coin. Coins are traded at many different markets at many different rates (eg. BTC = $4000 - $8000). Coinparator follows all exchanges. Excludes the most extreme prices (eg. $4000 and $8000) and calculates average price from rest of them.

In case of popular coin like a Bitcoin, it's an average price from about 80 cryptocurrency exchanges.

However in case of unpopular coin like a FedoraCoin, it's an average price from 2 cryptocurrency exchanges. Since it's not traded anywhere else.

You can get general idea which exchanges Coinparator follows from comparison of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Servers & Database

HP DL-320 G8 server
CPU Intel® Quad Xeon®, 32GB RAM

Base application takes about 4 GB of MySQL database per year. Every portfolio takes about extra 2MB per year.

Buy price in BTC or other currency

Let's say, that you want to submit buy price as 0.1 BTC. Problem is, that BTC/USD rate is constantly changing. Last year 0.1 BTC was $400. Last week it was $600. Today it's $800.

Buy price 0.1 BTC would not be enough. Since Coinparator wouldn't know, how much was 0.1 BTC worth = what was your original investment. You would also have to submit, what was the BTC/USD rate when you purchased that coin. At this point it is much easier to convert BTC to USD and submit buy price in USD.

Therefor buy price is supported in USD only.

Local time in charts

Charts are displayed in your local time. Although Coinparator doesn't your timezine or your country of residence.

Coinparator will generate charts in UTC+0 timezone and send them to your browser. He is also sending instruction to your browser - once the page is loaded and all data displayed: select all time values, delete them from page, recalculate them by your timezone, insert new values into page. Of course your browser does it so quickly that you won't even notice initial UTC+0 time - delete - recalculate - replace.

The point is - Coinparator doesn't know your timezone or country of residence. Your browser is recalculating time values localy on your computer.

You can trust Coinparator

It's OK to be paranoid!

Tax & legal issues of Coinparator are covered by Ondrej Sudoma. You can find his full personal details in contact informations. Including address, TAX & VAT number and bank account number.

You can also check domain administrator. It is registered under his name with full details provided

To confirm this person really exists you can use Ministry of Industry and Trade database Search by name Ondrej Sudoma or registered number 87372487.

Testing investment ideas

You might add to your portfolio even coins, that you don't own. You can follow them, test investment ideas and eventually buy new coins based on your tests.

However mixing owned coins and not-owned coins into one portfolio might be confusing. Since they will be displayed in charts and even calculated into total value of portfolio. For this reason some people prefers to create a new portfolio just for testing. And separate owned and not-owned coins into two different accounts.

Multiple portfolios, instead just one per person, naturally adds extra load on our servers and takes extra space in our database. Coinparator was programmed with heavy focus on performance since the beginning. Thanks to this we are not limiting number of accounts per person. And everyone can create unlimited number of accounts.