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Compare Cryptocurrency Exchanges


There are exchanges that have a lot of money deposit options (credit card, wire transfer etc.). However, are only selling BTC. Buy Bitcoins there (eg. LakeBTC). There are also exchanges that are selling all available cryptocurrencies. Then transfer your new Bitcoins there and exchange it for the desired coins (eg. Coinbase). Everybody is doing it this way. There is no exchange that lets you easily deposit money and then offer you any desired cryptocurrency. You have to buy Bitcoins at one place. Trade it for coins at another site or exchange. Basically, some exchanges are specialized in converting money into BTC and back. And other exchanges are specialized in converting cryptocurrency coins between each other.

Instant crypto → crypto: Use Changelly. Takes 10 minutes.

Instant money → crypto: Use Coinmama, Spectrocoin or Indacoin. Takes 10 minutes.

Instant crypto → money: No quick option. Use Spectrocoin, Coinbase or LocalBitcoins. Takes 1 to 3 days.


Across all exchanges verification is required only for money trading. You can deposit Bitcoin, exchange it for Ethereum and withdraw Ethereum without verification. Once you want to buy cryptocurrency with money or sell cryptocurrency for money, you have to verify your account. It usually consists of uploading photo of your ID/passport and waiting a few days for approval.

About fees

Exchange Fee (E Fee) reflects, how much is the exchange charging for every exchange. FIAT Money Deposit Fee (FMD Fee) reflects, how much is the exchange (or it's money processor) charging for deposit/withdrawal of money from bank account or by credit card payment. There might be some additional fees. Eg. your bank might charge you for transferring money overseas. Your bank might charge you for using your credit card on the internet. Exchange banks might charge you for receiving money from overseas. No matter what, wire transfers will usually never cost you more than $20. Credit card fees are higher, on average between 3% and 8%.

Orange stars

Some exchanges have a little orange star next to them. It means, that we recommend them for a newcomers to the crypto world. Exchanges did not pay us any money for this recommendation. After creating this list and going through all Exchanges we personally believe, that these are most user-friendly, fastest and easiest to use exchanges out there. If you're new here, use them. It will save you a lot of hassle.

E Fee